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Tahlia Coutinho // Fitness Influencer

Say Goodbye to Frustrations.

Connect with a Mentor

Call your favorite influencer! Limited to 15 minutes, you can dive straight into the value exchange.

Everyone is Reachable

Get instant advice or connect with a fan for mutually beneficial calls.

For influencers and content creators.

Hayla is perfect for busy people to quickly connect and share knowledge. Secure, instant payment in-app using Stripe.



Instantly Call Your Favorite Influencer/Mentor/Coach

For Fans

Unprecedented access to icons and influencers with Hayla. You get direct, personal access to your idols, and they get rewarded for their time and insights. With Hayla, meaningful exchanges are just a call away.


For Experts, Consultants & Professionals:

Instant on-demand consultations right at your fingertips without the hassle of scheduling and cancellations.

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Why You Need Hayla

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Instant Value

Hayla filters for only the most loyal and serious clients and fans

Instant Payment

Whether you're a seasoned influencer or on the rise to fame, you can make every call count

Monetize Your Time

The caller pays your fee upfront as soon as you pick up, all handled securely in-app

Time for Fans

Hayla allows you to quickly take a call anywhere, anytime, and then get right back to work

How the App Works

Sign Up, Receive a Hayla ID.


Start Making/Receiving Calls.


Payment Only for Answered Calls.


What is everyone saying?

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Hearing from my viewers and supporters is always nice, and with Hayla, it's lucrative as well!

Ido Amiaz // Youtube Vlogger
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I absolutely love Hayla! It's the perfect app for connecting with my biggest fans through quick calls.

Tahlia Coutinho // Fitness Influencer
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Hayla is the fastest and easiest way to speak with my business coach. It's been a game-changer!

Walter // Software Entrepreneur


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What about calling someone in a different country/timezone?
How do I join Hayla?
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